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Scaling Your Business by Becoming Better at Research

Researching is like going down a rabbit hole - breaking down the results from each search, gaining layers of knowledge along the way. This reminds me of how Alice from Alice in Wonderland literally went down a rabbit hole and came back with a wealth of knowledge that made her family’s transportation company grow exponentially. Here’s the best part… You are not expected to battle a Jabberwocky nor are you expected to have all the answers when Google does… so chill.

If you are looking to scale your business but are not in the position to hire a coach or specialty team, research is your FRIEND! Free resources can be found all over the internet and you do not have to be a scientist to conduct thorough research.

Here are a few areas you can conduct research in to scale your brand:

  • Collect surveys from current supporters to see what you can improve on and what you could offer them in the future.

  • Research competitors for inspiration and to make sure you are aware of trends and operations that can take you to the next level. Example Search Queries: "latest trends in [your industry]" or "best free software for [your business type]"

  • Research trends in your own brand in order to be aware of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Consider issues you are currently facing and search for solutions. Example Search Queries: "how a [your business type] can generate more clients"

How to Conduct Research Online

Let’s say you want to know how to get funding for your startup. You type “how to get funding for a startup” in the search bar but the results seem vague or go right over your head. Your research shouldn’t stop there, though. Based on the answers you find on those web pages, you want to take key points & phrases (especially those you didn't understand) and then research that as well. With the information you collect, you can apply new ideas to your brand or fine-tune what you’re already doing in order to encourage growth.

If you don’t feel like you’re finding answers, I suggest diving deeper into what you need and asking different questions. Perhaps you do not just need "funding"... maybe you need to find grants for a minority business or need to know the process for applying for grants. Make it a point to understand your needs, as this will guide you to the questions you need to ask.

Remember! GOOD research consists of collecting information from multiple sources. You WANT to go down the rabbit hole in order for your research to be considered thorough. Do you know the main indication that you are conducting good research? You know your research is going well when you not only find the answer to your question, but you also find answers for questions you didn't realize you had.

When you are a small business owner, you have to wear many hats... If you want to scale your brand and wear fewer hats in the future, do your research and come up on the knowledge needed to form a plan that scales your brand! I hope this helps!

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