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Technical Help Center

What platform do you need help with?


  • How to purchase a GoDaddy domain & email address.

  • How to pair GoDaddy domain to SquareUp website.

  • How to pair GoDaddy domain to Wix website.

  • How to update payment information for GoDaddy subscription.

Click the PDF link below to access the steps!


Dashboard (backend of website)

  • How to set up SquareUp account.

  • How to add items/ coupons to your store.

  • How to change your payment method for Square plan.

  • How to add shipping fees to orders placed through store.

  • How to add contact information to receipts.

  • How to create & send newsletters to email subscribers.

  • How to update contact information on newsletter.

  • How to process orders placed on your store.

Editing Your Website (cannot be completed on mobile device)

  • How to update website.

  • How to update/create a blog.

Click the PDF link below to access the steps!


  • How to edit website.

  • How to update plan and payment options.

The technical help portal for the Wix platform is currently undergoing an update, therefore unavailable.


If you do not see the instructions you need,  contact us using the options at the bottom of the page.

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