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Grammar POP

A Young Man with a Notebook

"For   the Culture"

We understand the difference between bad grammar and cultural vernaculars!

Allow us to help you reach your intended audience without compromising the message you want to convey!

Black Mother Working from Home


Amazing photos mean nothing when you fail to use captions and descriptions that intrigue potential customers and generate sales!

It is time to try something different, today! Book a consultation with a Ratchet Nerd to see how we develop a unique voice for your brand.


We would hate to see you guys go out bad, so we are happy to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Light content development is also provided as a courtesy.

No consultation is required!
Click below to submit a document to our team of ratchet nerds.


We can ghostwrite almost any project or publication, given guidelines or the ability to write freely. We can even dedicate the time to research for you!*

Our most common gigs include...

  • Essays (APA and MLA format)

  • Letters (CV, personal, resignation, etc.)

  • Blog posts

  • Fiction & Creative Writing

*There is a fee for publications that require research.

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