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Dating Profile Curation Service

Increase your quality &
quantity of matches!

Everyone talks about finding high-quality people to date, but forget that high-quality people look for high-quality traits. If you were too stumped to put energy into your profile, how can they be too sure you can devote energy to dating them?


For a small investment of $10, our love-centered copywriting services will craft a high-quality profile for you, pushing you one step closer to getting high-quality matches.

It only takes us one hour to flip your profile from lame to likable, so get started now!

Don't sell yourself short.

Cultivating relationships can be a lot like running a business. If you are in the market to buy something you want to keep for a long time, would you purchase from a website that tells you nothing about the product?

When it comes to dating online, your first impression is your profile. If you are serious about finding high-quality matches to date or fall in love with, you don't want to leave those matches up to chance! 

What's the deal with dating websites?

Text Message Quote Instagram Post.jpg

Why date online if you're afraid to post pictures?

It is a well-known fact that a variety of photos can lead a person or item to be more desirable, compared to there being only one photo available. People want a clear idea of who they will be matching with, so use clear, quality photos that show your personality in each shot.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if you feel like you aren't attractive, add MORE photos!

Dude, your bio is the most important part!

Refusing to include a bio on your dating profile can cause you to lose a lot of matches. Using negative language and venting about your dating life in the bio can be even more detrimental! Don't be that person.

Studies show that women using dating websites are 5x more likely to find interest in a guy when he includes a bio in his dating profile.


If you aren't good at talking about yourself, you can leave that part to us. Sign up for your session here!

Sketch Heart
Sketch Heart

How you become the hottest pick on any dating website!

Using the power of copywriting, we craft your profile into the hottest pick on any dating website.


Some people choose to fabricate who they are, while others choose to catfish with fake photos... there are also people that opt to write "ASK" in the section that literally ASKS for information about you. Cupid's Desk helps you to take the road less traveled by encouraging you to dig deep... Know yourself, so you can show yourself! In this case, you want to show yourself by choosing your words wisely and being strategic about the facts you choose to share with a potential match for the first impression.

Something Like a Wingman Copywriting Service!

At Ratchet Nerd Group, we become your ultimate wingman! We get to know you and what you are looking for in order to eloquently articulate a bio that represents what an amazing person like you has to offer.

Just imagine how many potential matches have passed up on your profile because you weren't able to come up with the right words to describe yourself (which is not your fault). Those days are over now. Starting today, you can make a one-time investment of 10 bucks to change the course of your dating life... We can't wait to meet you. Schedule your session at Cupid's Desk today!

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