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The Mission:

Personality & Proficiency Over Professionalism.

Ratchet Nerd Group is a team of expert Web Developers dedicated to helping small business owners and influencers establish a legitimate digital presence and streamline online business operations.

We also offer valuable writing services for students, authors, and other institutions!

Our agency values personality and proficiency over professionalism because we want brand owners to feel empowered, not intimidated by the worldwide web.

Raving Reviews!

Jay | Grammar POP

I used their writing services and it was everything I was looking for. Cande was fast and accurate. 5 stars!!!

Essential Elements Security Services | Web Design

Ratchet Nerd Group is an amazing Black Owned business. They deliver their services promptly with professionalism and at the same time are very personable. They are willing to assist and educate the client and I have always been very pleased with their products. I am a returning customer and intend to be so for as long as I exist in the entrepreneurial space.

Bluuming Indigo | Web Design

Maaaan Cande is so much fun to work with! She takes the time to understand your vision and she is very patient! I definitely recommend the Ratchet Nerd Group for any and ALL of your web design and marketing needs.

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The Group:

Ratchet Nerd Group

Content Developers


BA Mathematics

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MSc Engineering


The Network:

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Get to know Candenetra in this Shoutout Atlanta interview.
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Exploring life & business with Ratchet Nerd Group
"At Ratchet Nerd Group, we value personality and proficiency over professionalism. This means that we do not care to “code switch” for anyone as long as we continue to deliver amazing service with skill. I thrive when I am provided the space to be 100% myself and I encourage small business owners to be the same way."
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We encourage our clients that offer services to use a platform that allows them to streamline their booking process, accept payments, and manage projects all on the same platform! We also offer hands-on support for setting up your account.

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Genius is Common movement!

Ask me how you can be a part of this amazing movement that encourages every individual to embrace their genius. 

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(770) 284 - NERD

(770) 284-6373

Hours: 8AM - 8PM EST

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